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Kate lives here!

...but this space for rent

Koofish XTREME!!!!
3 December 1987
"garden state", "since u been gone", , 1337, =^.^=, air conditioning, anime, apples to apples, autumn, babies, baking, barefeet, bbq, being a goon, being invisible, benjamine hoff, bothering mr. mccoll, broadway, buttons, cafe bleu, candles, canopies, cary elwes, causing mischief, christopher walken, chuck palahniuk, citris, commodore james norrington, conspiracy theories, cookies, cooking, costumes, csi, cucumber melon, curry chicken, danny elfman, david wain, day dreaming, deviantart, dinosaur hunting, disney, disposable cameras, disrupting wal-mart, dr. house, dr. seuss, dragons, drawing, duct tape, eating, fabric paint, faeries, family guy, fanfiction, febreze, fiji water, fire, flcl, flowers, flying, freddie fish, gaia, glitter, glow-in-the-dark, googlisms, goose down, halloween, harvest moon, high heels, icons, ivy noodle, jason mraz, jewelery, jewels, kandy, katamari damacy, kevin smith, kingdom hearts, kittens, kodacha, laptops, legend of mana, love hina, lovelove, magic carpets, magic tricks, magnetic poetry, marichino cherries, megatokyo, michael ian black, michael showalter, monty python, movies, mr. a-z, murder, music, my ipod, my little pony, nail polish, napping, otakon, paint thinner, pajama sam, pen pals, penguins, penny-arcade, peter pan, pie, pillows, pixar, playing capture the flag, poetry, potc, presents, reading, rocky horror picture show, scheming, scratch-and-sniff, sequins, sewing, shag carpets, shoes, sleeping, smashed potatoes, spyro, stella, stephen lynch, stickers, stuffed olives, swimming, tap shoes, tarot, tassles, tiger lilies, tim burton, tithe, tj-maxx, toe rings, urban outfitters, vintage clothing, vinyl records, voodoo, wet hot american summer, writing, writing letters, your mom, zach braff, zodiac